FAQ’s of RDE


Q: Why should I hire a wedding planner?

This is a question we hear often, our answer remains the same that at the end of the day the job of handling the details, guest, vendors, wedding party, and all else involved in the wedding day will fall on someones shoulders. On average a wedding takes 200+ hours to plan. Before the wedding day that time may be added to the bride’s plate, the maid of honor, the mom but regardless of all the hours it takes to plan, as the wedding day approaches so do all the emotions involved with bringing together all the people you love for this important day.

Just like you, your family and friends would like to enjoy your big day and celebrate with you rather than work the event for you. Let us worry about everything behind the scenes while you all have the time of your life. It is truly is one of the best decisions you can make during this time.

Q: What does the full service look like?

With our Full Service Experience we come in with all of our support, knowledge, skill, creativity, and strategy to execute the perfect wedding day for you! We are with you during the entire process from the moment you get engaged until the final goodbyes on your wedding day. There is not one moment you have to go through alone. We create a comprehensive design layout, including florals, that will best represent your love story.

This is our most popular package because we handle all the details along side you and your fiancé. No more doing this along and hoping it all comes together on the day.

Q: What does day-of management look like?

For our day-of management we come in 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding day to tie together any loose ends within the planning process and make sure things are all set for the day-of execution.

With this package we assume that majority of the planning has been done and we are coming in to add professional advice in making the execution as smoothly as possible.

Q: How involved do I get to be in the planning process?

You get to be as involved as much as you want! We love our brides that are all about their spreadsheets and design ideas. We are here to support you, so no matter how involved you are in the planning process our focus is on what will actually benefit you during this season of your life.

Q: What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

The simplified version of this answer is the venue coordinator works to support the venue and the wedding planner works to support YOU. A venue coordinator’s main job is to manage all aspects of the venue and a wedding planners main job is to manage the overall wedding. We answer questions for all vendors, wedding party and family, take care of any problems, and tend most importantly to the desires of the couple.

Q: How do I know if we will be a good fit?

Our ideal bride is discerning with her time and is willing to invest in quality and beautiful things. We love working with clients who value the entire experience of celebrating life well. If this sounds like you, then let’s get this party started.

Q: Is there a minimum budget you work with?

Our minimum budget that we work with is $20k. We have found that anything below this does not allow us to give our clients the full RDE experience.

Q: My wedding is outside of California, can you still help me?

Yes, of course! My team and I love to travel and service your destination weddings. Let us know your destination and we will get to work at making your dream destination wedding come to life.

Q: How many weddings do you plan in a year?

RDE takes on between 10 to 15 weddings per year because we believe in offering each of our clients a customized high-end service. We also do not book more than 3 weddings in a single month.


Q: How early should we begin planning our wedding?

Any time between 9 to 12 months. Any earlier than this and you will see that the details you are desiring for your wedding day will need to be flexible due to a shorter time frame to make decisions. When it comes to planning further out than 12 months, there are mainly benefits. You will get first choice at everything you are desiring for your day. We are already booking for 2021, so the earlier the better.