Rebekah Dani McAuley

CEO, Principal Planner, & Head Designer

Hello lovelies! Rebekah Dani here; the chillest overachiever you’ll ever meet, social butterfly, and girl with over 10+ different laughs. No joke. Spend enough time around me and you’ll experience the crazy octaves and tones in which my laugh changes depending on, well, how funny you are.  

I absolutely love a party, but not just any party, a well-planned, organized, and beautiful affair. This is why I founded RDE. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA but now based in Northern California. My passion for events and design came at a very young age while I would watch the hospitality and creativity of my mother growing up. I come from a large family of elaborate holidays, thought out Sunday dinners, and spontaneous parties whenever we had good reason to celebrate. Celebration is in my blood and every time we had a celebration of some sort I was right there ready to help with whatever I could.

Pursuing this path as a career began back when I was 18 years old while selling wedding gowns as a bridal consultant. After 3 years of helping brides coordinate all things attire for their big day I fell in love with the creativity I got to express and wanted to know more. Shortly after, I began studying at a specialized trade school and received my license in Wedding and Event Planning. I went on to a university to receive my B.A. in Music and Masters in Business.

With 8+ years of professional experience in planning and design of over one hundred events I have developed a strong value for the experience of celebration and excelled beauty combined. I believe that creating spaces for people to be celebrated is one of the greatest honors I could ever have.


Danielle Cottone

Head of Operations & Lead Planner

I’m Danielle Cottone, a trilingual full breed Italian from Long Island, NY. I am a sappy romantic, love stories just give me the tingles and it’s one of the reasons Dirty Dancing and the love affair of Johnny and Baby never gets old to me. That amazing lift at the end lights me up, am I right?! 

If anyone knows Italians, our families are huge, loud, and passionate. On Sunday’s my Grandma’s house was filled with all our extended family, screaming in Italian, and eating fresh pasta until there was no choice but to unbutton our pants for some extra breathing room.  I love my family and my home town but ever since I was a kid I would dream about living in California. I couldn’t get it off my mind so at age 26 I said goodbye to all that I know and moved to sunny side California to live out that dream that I could never get over. 

Since I was a little girl, I would help my mom throw big parties for the Veterans in West Babylon, NY. My Grandpa was a Navy Vet and though I tagged along because of our family commitment it became more than just that. I became obsessed with the different themes, decor, and aspects that went into planning an event. It fascinated me and over time it became a secret dream of mine to pursue.

I continued to dream of the idea but the realistic choice was to continue down the path that was in front of me. I received my Masters in Education for Special Needs and after a few years of teaching I realized it was not the thing bringing my heart to life. As I began to approach the end of another school year I asked myself, what would it look like to pursue the thing I truly love? I had no idea where to start but shortly after Rebekah came into my life. We hit it off right away and it was the perfect match. 

So here I am in California, living now in the dream location and career I always desired. It seems too good to be true but when you take a step of faith towards the things you desire they happen.

2019 - 2020 Interns


Kristine Morris

Writing & Pinterest Intern

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Rebekah Michelle

Creative Design Intern