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Rebekah Dani McAuley

CEO, Principal Planner, & Head Designer

Hello lovelies! Rebekah Dani here; the chillest overachiever you’ll ever meet, social butterfly, and girl with over 10+ different laughs. No joke. Spend enough time around me and you’ll experience the crazy octaves and tones in which my laugh changes depending on, well, how funny you are.  

I absolutely love a party, but not just any party, a well-planned, organized, and beautiful affair. This is why I founded RDE. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA but now based in Northern California. My passion for events and design came at a very young age while I would watch the hospitality and creativity of my mother growing up. I come from a large family of elaborate holidays, thought out Sunday dinners, and spontaneous parties whenever we had good reason to celebrate. Celebration is in my blood and every time we had a celebration of some sort I was right there ready to help with whatever I could.

Pursuing this path as a career began back when I was 18 years old while selling wedding gowns as a bridal consultant. After 3 years of helping brides coordinate all things attire for their big day I fell in love with the creativity I got to express and wanted to know more. Shortly after, I began studying at a specialized trade school and received my license in Wedding and Event Planning. I went on to a university to receive my B.A. in Music and Masters in Business.

With 8+ years of professional experience in planning and design of over one hundred events I have developed a strong value for the experience of celebration and excelled beauty combined. I believe that creating spaces for people to be celebrated is one of the greatest honors I could ever have.

2019 - 2020 Interns

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Kristine Morris

Writing & Pinterest Intern

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Rebekah Michelle

Creative Design Intern