The RDE Philosophy

At Rebekah Dani Events we are truly passionate about the art of celebration.

We believe that an event as big as your wedding day is a rare occasion and deserving of the utmost attention and care. It is worth celebrating well. This is why our goal as your event planner is to first remove any stress and worry accompanied with your desire to experience the best day with your loved ones. Secondly, our goal is to take your ideas and combine them with our creative expertise to execute a flawless celebration of love that has left no detail unnoticed. We manage all the logistics, scheduling, phone calls, emails, paperwork, and everything in between so you do not have to. We give you the permission to enjoy, take in, and cherish every aspect of the engagement season you are currently living.

As your event designers our primary goal is to draw out the personality and unique details of each host. We value the attention put into creating an atmosphere that is not only aesthetically pleasing but exceptionally hospitable. No matter the simplicity or extravagance of the details our effort is focused on creating an overall welcoming atmosphere for you and your guest to have the party of a lifetime.


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From the beginning we start with learning about you and the story behind your celebration. We talk wants, details, and desires and pull together a cohesive design that will communicate a unique story to your guests.




Next is our design stage and this is where your design comes to life. We take all of the details and present a design proposal to you that will be the inspiration for all of our work. Once the design proposal is approved and finalized, we will work together with your vendor team to produce the event of your dreams.




Our last step is all about execution and this is our favorite part. We take all our hard work and bring it in for the close in the final weeks leading up to the event. This makes for a seamless event day where you get to relax and enjoy and we get to oversee and watch all our planning effortlessly unfold.

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“Rebekah literally is the best!!! She took the time to nail down every desire my husband and I wanted for our wedding. She made everything a dream for us, and to add to that, she is such a delight to work with. I love her personality and how she really made everything feel so much more at ease with her ability to problem solve with positivity. If I had to do it all over again, I would because of Rebekah's experience. If you're getting married, let me tell you, a wedding planner like Rebekah is what you are going to need. Book her. You won't regret it!”

The Boddenbergs